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PoseidonCM and Clearlaw Announce Productized Integration and Strategic Partnership

PoseidonCM, a cloud-base contract management application for Contact Management, and Clearlaw Inc., an innovative Artificial Intelligence company focused on Contractual Intelligence, announced a strategic partnership, and productized integration today.

Through this partnership, PoseidonCM’s clients will be able to pair their Contract Management System with Clearlaw’s AI document analysis tool to accelerate legal operations and extract data from contracts and invoices.

“Our goal has been to make contract management simple and easy for our customers,” says Todd Steiner, CEO of PoseidonCM. “Clearlaw’s AI is a natural fit for our clients by automating the extraction of data, further simplifying the contract management process.”

“PoseidonCM provides a simple and easy-to-use solution for a large variety of customers across multiple market segments,” says Clearlaw CEO Jordan Ritenour. “Their technology combines a robust feature set with an easy-to-access user experience. Through our integration, Clearlaw’s AI tool will automate the extraction of data from PoseidonCM customers, including billing, invoicing, and legal obligations.”

The partnership includes integrations between PoseidonCM’s and Clearlaw’s NLP engine, in addition to product development coordination, and joint Go to Market agreements.

About PoseidonCM -

PoseidonCM is a cloud-based contract management application for organization-wide data, dates, and documents. Built on the world-class platform, your security, compliance, mobile, and 24×7 accessibility requirements will be met and exceeded.

About Clearlaw –

Clearlaw is transforming the way businesses leverage contracts and contractual data with their clients and vendors. Through the deployment of Nature Language Processing and deep learning methods specifically designed for contract language, Clearlaw empowers legal teams to automate key contract data identification and extraction, whether for the review of a single contract or across a large contract repository.


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