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Closing the Data-Deficit to Transform the Contracting Process

Our goal is to become the global leader in providing deep insights and business acceleration of contractual data.

Our customers work in a variety of roles:

Professional Services Organizations

SAAS Software and Technology Vendors

Corporate Legal Teams

Sales Operations and Deal Desk Teams

Corporate Procurement

Leadership Team

We stand for culture, excellence, innovation... and a little bit of fun


Jordan Ritenour, Chief Executive Officer

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"Was thinking... there has got to be a better way to do this... Now I am making that happen."


Brendan Raybuck, Chief Revenue Officer

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"Someone need to tell people how amazing this technology is... I guess that's me."

Looking for an exciting career opportunity in natural language processing, artificial intelligence, front end development, legal technology, sales, or marketing, please reach out to us at jobs@clearlaw.ai

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