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Clearlaw was started when a group of Stanford Law School students started doing their summer internships at leading Bay Area companies. After several months of trying to weed through contractual documents to support their corporate legal teams, they knew there had to be another way.

Upon graduation, they partnered with leading artificial intelligence experts to build the first Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engine designed exclusively to support the legal profession.

Leadership Team

We stand for culture, excellence, innovation...
and a little bit of fun


Jordan Ritenour, Chief Executive Officer

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"Was thinking... there has got to be a better way to do this... Now I am making that happen."


Brendan Raybuck, Chief Revenue Officer

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"Someone needs to tell people how amazing this technology is... I guess that's me."

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Alex Kouznetsov, Chief Technology Officer

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"I love solving new problems with cutting edge technology."


Warren Agin, Sr. Director, Contracting Intelligence

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"20+ years as an attorney, then I got the tech bug.  Now I am at the cutting edge of Legal AI."


Looking for an exciting career opportunity in natural language processing, artificial intelligence, front end development, legal technology, sales, or marketing, please reach out to us at

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