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What is Clearlaw?

Clearlaw’s proprietary Nature Language Processing (NLP) engine was built by Stanford PhDs and JDs who had grown frustrated with the repetitive processes and lack of data within the contract review process. Thinking there was a better way, they created a technology platform that plugs into the existing technology and processes already used by attorneys, paralegals, and legal operations teams.

Our technology uses the industry's most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to transform legal documents into structured data by determining clause types and extracting useful datapoints

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Use Cases

Post-Execution Data Analysis and Extraction

Access data across thousands of contracts by leveraging our Extracted Facts Dashboard and Precedents Analysis tools to identify risks and opportunities within your existing contracting framework.

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Pre-Execution Audit and Review

Augment the contractual negotiation process with Microsoft Word to identify contractual elements and align them with your organization’s Smart Playbook, speeding up the contractual review process and limits contractual risk

Analysing data

Clearlaw Connect

Empower the business with the necessary data to do their jobs, in their own tools. through our robust API system. Democratize contracting pipeline data such as NDA statuses, price escalation caps, or payment terms.