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Icono-Labs signs Partnership with Clearlaw to bring AI to CLM and Procurement Ecosystem

Icono-Labs, a specialized procurement and CLM implementation, advisory and consulting company, signed a strategic partnership with Clearlaw, a leading AI platform for Contracting Intelligence, to expand their AI capabilities to their partners and clients.

Through this partnership, Icono-Labs will have the ability to leverage Clearlaw’s AI tool to improve the experience for their clients by streamlining the migration of historical documents into a client’s CLM or procurement system, and providing ongoing AI review to future documents as clients grow their contract repository.

“Historically, migrating contracts and legal documents into LegalTech platforms has been a long drawn out and expensive process,” says Icono-Labs Co-Founder Emmie McCaffery. “Even then, organizations have had to prioritize what data they wanted to capture, resulting in a smaller subset of useful data. Through our partnership with Clearlaw, we can provide a previously unheard of level of data at a fraction of the time and cost associated with human review.”

“Icono-Labs is a thought leader in the CLM and procurement space and we are thrilled to add them to our partner ecosystem,” says Jordan Ritenour, CEO at Clearlaw. “As a trusted advisor to clients across multiple ecosystems, such as Coupa’s procurement and CLM technologies, we look forward to expanding the overall Clearlaw ecosystem.''

For more on this partnership, please contact Icono-Labs or Clearlaw.

About Icono-Labs - 

Icono-Labs is a technology consulting firm comprised of specialized industry practitioners who have in-house experience at high-growth companies. Icono-Labs develops and implements SaaS solutions that power companies' various business functions including but not limited to Finance and Operations. While we are largely technology-agnostic, we partner with an extensive network of enterprise SaaS companies such as Coupa, Oracle, and Sage Intacct. 

About Clearlaw – 

Clearlaw is digitally transforming the way organizations contract with their clients and vendors. By leveraging Natural Language Processing, Generative AI, and Machine Learning techniques, Clearlaw users can more easily identify and understand contractual obligations across formats, frameworks, and templates. Clearlaw empowers businesses to build a deep repository of contractual knowledge and automates the application of legal intellectual property, whether businesses are reviewing a single contract or extracting data from their entire contract repository.


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