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DocketLaunch and Clearlaw Announce Partnership

Docket Launch LLC, a legal technology services organization and Clearlaw Inc., an innovative artificial intelligence company specializing in deep contracting intelligence and data extraction, announced a partnership today.

Through this partnership, Docket Launch’s ecosystem of clients and partners will be able to access expanded capabilities in LegalTech AI, providing additional opportunities to automate LegalTech processes. In turn, Clearlaw expands its ecosystem’s abilities to support clients by integrating its AI engine into LegalTech vendors within Docket Lanuch’s ecosystem, such as Filevine.

“Adding Docket Launch to our ecosystem expands our abilities to service customers in new ecosystems,” says Clearlaw CEO Jordan Ritenour. “We believe that the combination of our tool and the industry knowledge Docket Launch brings will expand the opportunities for automation and further close the data deficit for the organizations.”

“Since our formation, we have always strived to provide our clients the best service possible. Part of that service is introducing them to the tools they can use to succeed,” says Docket Launch CEO Taylor Hall. “That is why we are excited to introduce Clearlaw as an official Docket Launch partner. Clearlaw will empower our clients to be successful while improving their satisfaction.”

About Clearlaw –

Clearlaw is transforming the way businesses leverage contracts and contractual data with their clients and vendors. Through the deployment of Nature Language Processing and deep learning methods specifically designed for contract language, Clearlaw empowers legal teams to automate key contract data identification and extraction, whether for the review of a single contract or across a large contract repository.

About DocketLaunch –

Docket Launch is a LegalTech service company with a strong focus in Lead Docket Intake Management Software. Docket Launch’s expert team provides custom tailored implementation services, in-depth support, data migrations, automations, and more.


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