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Tonkean and Clearlaw Announce Partnership

Tonkean, a first-of-its-kind process orchestration platform that helps enterprise internal service teams like procurement and legal safely harness the potential of AI-powered process automation across systems, policies, and teams, and Clearlaw Inc., an innovative Artificial Intelligence company focused on Contracting Intelligence, announced a partnership today.

Through this partnership, the organizations will be able to integrate Tonkean’s LegalWorks solution—a matter lifecycle management tool—with Clearlaw’s leading AI solution, which extracts data from legal documents and contracts. This will allow joint customers to automate contractual business processes based on specific data points identified and extracted from legal documents, all without clients having to read them.

“Having Clearlaw as a partner will allow our clients to gain visibility into their contracts and all the processes that evolve around them,” says Rory O’Brien, Vice President of Customer Experience at Tonkean. “Leveraging Clearlaw's Contract AI and Tonkean's process orchestration technology will give legal and procurement teams the power to effectively enforce their policies and and proactively reduce the risk for their respective company's, teams, and all the individuals involved. Being able to fully know what's in your contracts, and putting business logic and automation around specific clauses/terms and all the related metadata around your contracts is going to be a game changer for our mutual clients.''

“Tonkean is one of the fastest growing players in the Process Experience solutions space,” says Clearlaw CEO Jordan Ritenour. “What we find so exciting about this partnership is the flexibility Tonkean provides organizations, allowing enterprise organizations to leverage the deep data we extract from contracts and legal documents to empower business processes through the organization, including procurement and legal.”

The partnership between Tonkean and Clearlaw includes an integration of their solutions, which is currently available to joint clients.

About Tonkean -

Tonkean helps enterprise internal service teams like procurement and legal create process experiences that people actually follow. Tonkean's Process Experience Platform seamlessly wraps around existing policies and systems, allowing internal teams to do more with what they already have. With Tonkean, you can build processes that are personalized for each requester, and that use AI to automate the intake, triage, and resolution of every request. With a library of preconfigured process templates and a 100% no-code workflow editor, Tonkean is the process experience platform of choice for innovative companies like Google, Netflix, Instacart, and Workday. And with full governance controls, you can guarantee compliance while maximizing adoption—all without any change management and no code. Founded in 2015, Tonkean is headquartered in Palo Alto with R&D in Tel Aviv.

About Clearlaw –

Clearlaw is digitally transforming the way organizations contract with their clients and vendors. By leveraging Natural Language Processing, Generative AI, and Machine Learning techniques, Clearlaw users can more easily identify and understand contractual obligations across formats, frameworks, and templates. Clearlaw empowers businesses to build a deep repository of contractual knowledge and automates the application of legal intellectual property, whether businesses are reviewing a single contract or extracting data from their entire contract repository.


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