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Clearlaw Hires Elevate Services' Warren Agin as its new Senior Director of Contract Intelligence

Clearlaw is pleased to announce that Warren Agin has joined its team as its new Senior Director of Contract Intelligence. At Clearlaw, Warren will be responsible for expanding its already extensive capabilities for extracting and organizing contract information.

“I couldn’t be more excited about Warren joining our team,” said Clearlaw CEO Jordan Ritenour. “Adding someone of Warren’s stature not only validates our approach in the marketplace, but he also brings a wealth of experience with both the law and data science that will accelerate our product development and market strategy.”

Before joining Clearlaw, Mr. Agin was a Managing Director at ALSP Elevate Services where he worked with other lawyers and technologists to build the next generation of legal service models. His data science work focused on NLP and large language models, data model development, and data analysis. He also worked with Elevate's consulting services to assist their customers in learning how to best use data and deploy machine learning-based systems and products.

At Clearlaw, Mr. Agin will combine his 28 years of legal practice experience, knowledge of AI and contract analytics, and leadership skills to help Clearlaw further develop its contract analytics systems, expand the amount of contract information Clearlaw’s AI is able to provide customers and develop contract related ontologies - including the adoption of SALI’s LMSS v2.0 standard.


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