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Clearlaw CEO Jordan Ritenour to Present at Legalweek 2023 with Mitratech SVP Justin Silverman

Clearlaw's CEO, Jordan Ritenour, will be joining Mitratech's Justin Silverman for the session Digital Transformation Declassified: Emerging Technology and the Art of the Possible at Legalweek NYC 2023. The session will be 11:00am -12:00pm on Thursday, March 23.

This exciting discussion will focus on the changing nature of legal technology and how organizations can prepare their people, processes, and technology to get ahead in this disruptive time. This multi-faceted conversation will span topics that include how to modernize your technology stack and discuss the role of data will play in transforming legal operations.

For additional details, please contact Mitratech or Clearlaw.

About Mitratech-

Mitratech is a proven global technology partner for corporate legal, risk & compliance, and HR professionals seeking to maximize productivity, control expense, and mitigate risk by deepening operational alignment, increasing visibility, and spurring collaboration across their organization. Mitratech helps them rise to the challenge of serving the evolving needs of the modern, dynamic enterprise. Mitratech serves over 2,000 organizations worldwide spanning more than 160 countries.

About Clearlaw –

Clearlaw is transforming the way businesses leverage contracts and contractual data with their clients and vendors. Through the deployment of Nature Language Processing and deep learning methods specifically designed for contract language, Clearlaw empowers legal teams to automate key contract data identification and extraction, whether for the review of a single contract or across a large contract repository.


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