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Clearlaw Augments Existing Platform with Large Language Model AI tools

Clearlaw, the industry leader in Contracting Intelligence, announced that it will provide customers with the option to supplement its proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform with support from the latest Large Language Models (LLMs).

“Our core IP is the industry leader in contract data extraction,” began Jordan Ritenour, CEO of Clearlaw. “That said, we have learned that when it comes to AI Platforms, one size fits all doesn’t work for everyone. By carefully integrating LLMs into our product, we can offer greater flexibility to meet our customers’ needs.

This process comes from exhaustive research and testing over the last few months. “The goal was to determine how we can responsibly extract the most value from LLMs to expand contract understanding,” says Clearlaw’s Sr. Director of Contracting Intelligence Warren Agin. “We found that various LLMs in the marketplace have unique strengths and weaknesses and understanding those is essential to meeting our customers’ requirements. As a result, we’ve laid an excellent foundation for continued success in providing the most comprehensive and flexible solution in the marketplace.”

Clearlaw’s LLM-supported solutions are an exciting but optional add-on. “This is rapidly evolving technology and there remain significant concerns with LLMs in the marketplace, not just on security, privacy, and government regulation, but also from the standpoint of consistency” continues Clearlaw CEO Jordan Ritenour. “LLMs can be inefficient to use with large data sets due to their lack of speed and high costs at scale. But for certain customers, the ability to supplement Clearlaw’s Contracting Intelligence Platform with LLM-support is an attractive option that made this work a high priority for us.”


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