Close the legal data deficit with Clearlaw's Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine

We add superpowers to your CLM or ELM:


While Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) or Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) technologies help legal teams manage the contracting process, Clearlaw's expertise is in contract content analysis and extraction.


Born as an AI-native company, our technology plugs into your existing tools to deliver the contracting data you need throughout the contracting lifecycle, from intake to renewal, and whether it is your standard template or third-party paper.

Why Do Legal Teams Love Clearlaw?


Augments Existing CLMs

Have an existing CLM but want it to do more? Clearlaw connects into your existing tools, empowering you with key data extracted from your contracts.


Third-Party Paper Ready

Clearlaw doesn't follow templates. Our technology analyzes the content and context of any legal document and transform it into structured data.


Work in
Microsoft Word

Many CLM technologies force organizations to use their own text editors. Clearlaw plugs into Microsoft Word to maintain your existing workflow.


Empower the Business

Use our Clearlaw Connect API to push relevant contractual data to third party tools, empowering the business for self-service.

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Our approach is built around three core elements:



We always show our work regarding how AI suggestions are generated. You don't have to trust us.


User-Driven Decision Making

We always leave decisions up to the human reviewer. AI is great but it can't match the expertise of an experienced attorney or contracts specialist. We just provide the data to help you make more informed decisions.


Constantly Improve Our AI

We strive to learn from every human decision in order to always improve our AI suggestions and provide you relevant information based on your evolving contracting preferences.