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Close the legal data deficit with
Clearlaw's Contract AI Platform

Judges Examining Document

A True Legal AI Engine

In today's LegalTech landscape, many organizations leverage search functionality to identify clauses within contracts. In a world where a single word can drastically change the meaning of contractual obligation, searching for "look-a-likes" simply isn't enough.

Clearlaw understands both the content and context of legal documents. By understanding the relationships between clauses and terms, Clearlaw builds a robust roadmap to decipher any legal document. In doing so, Clearlaw provides our clients with a robust understanding of the underlying legal obligations and their meanings.

Why do People Use Clearlaw?

The Clearlaw Platform empowers corporate legal teams by providing them a deep understanding what is in their legal documents, whether a single contract Pre-Execution or thousands of executed agreements. 

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Need to shorten review times for Third Party Paper (3PP) contracts? Leverage the Clearlaw engine to determine what is in the contract and whether it aligns with your legal playbook.

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Contract Data Extraction

Have thousands of contracts and need to find a needle in a haystack? The Clearlaw engine can find the specific document or documents you are looking for in minutes.


Cross Contract Risk Analysis

Have a bad contract and wonder how many contracts contain that language? Let the Clearlaw engine show you all the variations within your contractual repository to quickly evaluate risk.

Add superpowers to your CLM or ELM:


While Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) or Document Workflow Automation technologies help legal teams manage the contracting process, Clearlaw's expertise is in contract content analysis and extraction.


Born as an AI-native company, our technology plugs into your existing tools to deliver the contracting data you need throughout the contracting lifecycle, from intake to renewal, whether it is your standard template or third-party paper.

Use Clearlaw with your Existing tools

Legal Management Tools

Leveraging an existing Contract Management (CLM) or Document Workflow Automation tool? Add Clearlaw to provide your existing tools with hundreds of points of legal data.

Microsoft Word

Negotiate a lot of NDA, MSA, or license agreements? The Clearlaw Platform's Microsoft Word plugin can speed up your review time by over 50%. 

Contractual Repositories

Have a compelling event like acquisition, reincorporation, or data breach? Integrate the Clearlaw Platform with your current document repository to understand your legal obligations within minutes.

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