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Clearlaw announces additional 100+ Data Points Extracted from Contracts

Clearlaw, an emerging LegalTech company specializing in contract-focused Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Contract Data Extraction, announced an upgrade that adds over 100 additional data categories that the Clearlaw Platform identifies and extracts from legal contracts and documents. Furthermore, Clearlaw has improved its overall accuracy and recall preexisting data extraction.

“The Clearlaw platform's underlying technology was designed for quick iterative improvement,” said Clearlaw CEO Jordan Ritenour. “The new features we have added and the improvements we have made to existing data extraction show our deep commitment to becoming the industry leader in legal data extraction.”

This release includes additional clauses and sub-clauses extractions, as well as the continued expansion of Clearlaw's industry-leading legal obligation/metadata extraction. This deeper level of data identification helps legal teams and their business partners automate contractual reviews and improve contractual data by providing organizations with an understanding of their true legal obligations, regardless of contract format or structure.

At the time of this release, the Clearlaw platform accurately extracts over 350 categories of data from legal documents, with a robust pipeline of additional data points coming from new and existing clients.


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