Clearlaw Data Extraction

Clearlaw's Natural Language Processing engine understands content and context, allowing organizations to finds, extract, and compare contractual data from thousands of contracts in seconds

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What's in my Contracts?

Need to find key data points across contracts including renewal dates, liability clauses, and termination? Save time, energy, and legal costs with Clearlaw's Extracted Facts dashboard, which provides our clients with keys data points across you entire contract database, independent of template, format, or organization. 

Can I Compare Contracts?

Want to compare contractual language across contracts to eliminate risk or look at contractual trends? Clearlaw's Precedents Analysis tool allows organizations to compare the clause types across their entire repository, informing organizations around their standard language groups of deviations, and analyzing for contractual opportunities.

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Analyzing the data

Can this help my Acquisition Due Diligence?

Ever spent years untangling the contract situation from an acquisition of a software vendor, consulting company, or other organization? Clearlaw's Extraction tools can provide you with deep insight into the risks, liabilities and complexities, helping you manage risk and finding sales opportunities across legacy clients.