AI-Augmented Review

Good contract management is a must, but it is not enough. The time-intensive part of the contracting process is reviewing the document itself. Our platform automatically makes use of your contracting experience to assist you in powering through redlines faster. And you can rest easy, knowing you’ll never miss an important term.

Unlimited Visibility for Leaders

Discover insights into clause performance so you can see where negotiations get bogged down and you can make informed decisions to improve negotiating strategies. Instead of re-creating the wheel with each document, Clearlaw surfaces language that has worked in the past.


Workflow + Knowledge Repository

Clearlaw provides a single source of contracting truth that integrates into your current workflow. Relevant data can be sent automatically to your CRM, ensuring that everyone in the business understands their contractual obligations. Through the global search feature, a contract can never be misplaced and finding relevant contract language is easy.

Learn How Clearlaw Can 10x Your Contracting Process