Done Deal

Negotiate Contracts 2x as fast with Clearlaw Analyzer

Analyze contracts across templates and apply your legal Intellectual Property to review and close contracts faster

What's in a Contract?

Pouring through their the templates of vendors, contractors, partners and clients? Clearlaw’s AI plugs into Microsoft Word and other word processors, providing guidance and control over an organization's negotiation process, ensuring a comprehensive document review and providing the corporate control over an organization's contractual gives and gets.

Controlling Legal Intellectual Property

Want to ensure your contracts are not ticking time bombs of risk? Control your corporate intellectual property in Clearlaw's Smart Playbook, minimizing the volumes of review and lowering legal expenses of both inside and outside council.

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Democratize the Negotiation Process

Basic NDAs slowing up you ability to close deals? Legal expenses pile up on each contract? Clearlaw empowers deal desk, sales reps, and P&L owners to take the first pass on contracts and redlines, ensuring only the new or legally risky items go for deep legal review.

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